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SafeZone fundamentally transforms the way safety and security is managed across large, complex environments by empowering organizations to view and optimize resources, mitigate risks and streamline response to a wide range of incidents.

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Introducing SafeZone®

Implemented in over eighty countries worldwide, SafeZone is emergency response management software that helps your security teams respond optimally by providing a common operating view of the real-time location of resources. It also supports mass communications, enterprise safety protocols and enables people to quickly summon help with their phone wherever you have duty of care.

Meeting Your Top Challenges

CriticalArc has extensive experience addressing and solving a wide range of industry challenges with our flagship emergency response management software, SafeZone®, which includes:

  • Personal Duress and Incident Management

    When employees and/or students have an emergency, how do you empower them to quickly raise an alarm or notify them of impending threats? See why the University of South Australia selected SafeZone to provide a personal safety app to enhance campus safety, as well as support reliable mass notification alerts to all impacted parties.

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  • Emergency Evacuation

    Evacuating hundreds of employees is particularly challenging when you don’t know the location of those with special needs. Learn how Northumbria University uses Safezone to address the evacuation of thousands, including those with limited mobility.

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  • Situational Awareness

    How can your organization effectively respond to a widespread incident when you don’t know the availability, role and location of each member of your first responder team? Learn how York University selected SafeZone to transform their situational awareness, so their team can swiftly respond to and optimize outcomes.

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  • Traveling Employees/Students

    When employees and students travel, it’s difficult to know their current location and status. Learn why FCC Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, embraced SafeZone to help ensure the safety and protection of thousands of employees who work and travel abroad.

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  • Covering Dispersed Areas With a Lean Team

    You’re responsible for the safety and protection of staff spread across several regional campuses. How can you deliver consistent duty of care to your employees with limited resources? Learn how Heriot-Watt University tackles this with SafeZone.

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  • Indoor Positioning for 3D Visualization

  • Lone Worker Safety

  • Brand Protection & Risk Mitigation

  • Secure, Scalable & Reliable Technology

  • Fulfill Your Duty of Care

  • Easy to Use and Implement

  • Command and Control Solution

  • Configured and Customized by Customer

  • Commitment to Employee Safety

  • Integrates with Existing Technology

  • Mass Communications

  • Business Continuity Solution

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

With live situational awareness and enhanced visibility of all safety assets, we can dynamically adjust patrol patterns, deployment of security personnel and availability of first responders to enhance operational effectiveness. Residents can call for immediate assistance, anytime, anywhere, without the worry about not speaking the local language or knowing who to contact when needing help.
Jacobus Stadler, Director of Security

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