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Mitigating the risks associated with large numbers of personnel working across complex sites with substantial perimeters, SafeZone allows staff to summon help at the press of a button.


Resources and heavy industries follow similar development processes, working under similar regulatory regimes. Mining companies explore, engineer, invest in plant, extract, process and deliver while large manufacturers and materials processors source raw materials to deliver finished products. Often within highly regulated HSE environments, a single worker’s injury is capable of shutting down an entire mining or manufacturing operation, costing potentially millions of dollars per day.

Frequently characterised by substantial perimeters, mining and manufacturing sites encompass hazardous working environments, hundreds of staff and contractors, and lone workers often removed from their support teams. While vehicles are generally equipped with GPS tracking and radio comms, once out of their vehicle a worker’s risk of being unable to access help in an emergency escalates. Similarly, maintenance workers on late shifts either work alone or need to partner with a colleague to ensure the safety of personnel.

It has never been more important for safety and security response teams to have an up-to-date view of everything that is happening across their entire site. Skilled at performing their regular duties, response teams need the right tools to respond to any situation; to detect an incident, decide the best course of action and execute their response.  Increasingly asked to continually improve service levels, security teams also need to ensure that all regulatory and reporting requirements are met quickly and accurately so that any regulator-imposed down-time is minimised.


From mining operations to large oil and gas complexes, SafeZone is the innovative and cost-effective choice for companies looking to enhance safety and security and mitigate risk across diverse and highly regulated facilities.

Through unparalleled situational awareness, SafeZone enables security and safety teams to coordinate their response to incidents, quickly and efficiently. The SafeZone app makes it easy for employees to summon security or First-Aid assistance via a simple tap on their phone, so responders know within seconds who needs help, what type of help they need and where they are.

For safety-conscious and efficiency-driven mining and industrial companies, SafeZone provides:

  • Complete situation awareness over large, complex environments enabling incident teams to rapidly mobilise an effective response to incidents;
  • Full functionality command and control from any location – control-room or field;
  • Fastest, most reliable multiply-redundant communications using satellite, wi-fi and cell network;
  • Effective mass or targeted communication supporting mustering and evacuation;
  • Alerts to events as they happen to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of real-time intelligence to all relevant response team members, in the office or in the field;
  • Unparalleled protection of lone, at risk, and out-of-hours workers


By simultaneously sending location information and incident details to the control-room and mobile devices in the field, SafeZone streamlines day-to-day operations and enables complete situational awareness supporting the best incident outcomes—faster.

SafeZone drives efficiencies across security and safety operations while simultaneously supporting regulatory compliance by:

  • Reducing costs through the streamlining of day-to-day operations and accurate, efficient incident response and continuous service improvement
  • Extending safety and response capabilities well beyond the reach of existing fixed security infrastructure, to any number of locations globally, with zero extra capital investment
  • Reliable, fast cloud-based system has no complex installation or need for in-house support
  • Ensuring preparedness in the face of evolving environmental and security threats
  • Increased staff safety and lone worker protection and demonstrable duty of care
  • Persistent storage of all operational and incident data, permits recall and replay at any time
  • Creating a framework to enable businesses to manage risk effectively and therefore provides opportunity to open facilities in my emerging less established environments / countries.
  • Knowing what resource (non-security) are available at any time to help co-ordinate First Aid, fire wardens and security co-ordinators globally
  • Reporting that complies with regulatory requirements and eliminates post-incident ambiguity or loss of incident facts or intelligence, to support rapid, accurate investigation and return to business as usual.


Expatriate professionals living in one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious residential compounds enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle, but it’s 24/7 personal safety and well-being that offer the ultimate peace of mind.

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