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Transcending geographic boundaries, SafeZone improves security team effectiveness through complete situational awareness. Speeding up event response, it improves intelligence gathering, communication and collaboration, and reduces operational cost.


For today’s global enterprises, increasing concerns about safety, liability and an ever-evolving risk landscape drives a need for security departments to become more efficient, while taking on more responsibilities.

An over-reliance on expensive and often disparate electronic systems doesn’t help to ease these concerns.

Social media propagates bad news almost instantly, so reputations are on the line as customers take notice, directly affecting revenues.

Organisations struggle to achieve the visibility, flexibility and collaboration they need in order to streamline day-to-day operations and respond faster and more effectively to incidents and threats that can strike at any time and location worldwide.



CriticalArc’s SafeZone is revolutionising the way large organisations manage and operate security and safety delivery across dispersed facilities worldwide.

A high-performance cloud service, SafeZone delivers distributed command and control and real-time situation awareness to security coordinators, as well as responders in the field, truly transforming an organisation’s capacity to respond in any situation.

This transformational shift in capability is enabled by SafeZone’s “See. Decide. Act.” virtuous circle, radically multiplying any team’s capacity to respond to an incident or threat. Every response cycle builds better gathering and use of intelligence, more capacity for making the right decision and ultimately increasingly better outcomes.

By getting the right information to the right staff, at the right time in any incident location globally, SafeZone streamlines day-to-day operations and provides the flux for continuous service improvement and better, faster outcomes.


As corporate security departments take on more responsibility with the same staffing levels, SafeZone increases corporate capacity to detect and deal with incidents anytime, anywhere. SafeZone makes this possible by:

  • Broadening your security team’s focus beyond protecting fixed assets to your company’s most important asset – its people.
  • Achieving better incident outcomes without adding to payroll or capital costs.
  • Creating a culture of continuous service improvement within the teams that protect your company from incident-related risk or threat.
  • Reducing costs through increased operational efficiency by empowering your response team with complete, real-time situation awareness across all locations globally, so that they can perform their duties faster, more effectively and more reliably.
  • Knowing where staff are working outside hours; proactively managing their safety around the clock.
  • Optimising and extending the value from existing fixed security infrastructure.
  • Knowing what resource (non-security) are available at any time to help co-ordinate First aid, Fire Wardens and Security co-ordinators globally.
  • Activating emergency management and business continuity plans with targeted, group-based global mass messaging and integral situation-reporting resources.
  • Creating SafeZones anywhere in the world to extend security capability across overseas offices, hotels, partner offices, event locations and executive residences.
  • Protecting your brand and reputation – use SafeZone to build competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging world.


Today’s global enterprises operate in a landscape where growing concerns about safety and liability, rapidly evolving risks and constantly emerging new threats are putting corporate security departments under pressure to operate more efficiently while adopting extra responsibilities. These security concerns can be exacerbated by an over-reliance on disparate electronic systems that can be costly, cumbersome and limiting.

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