Optimising security operations across healthcare facilities, SafeZone® increases the effectiveness of manned guarding, improves security and demonstrates duty of care to staff, patients and visitors.


Those who serve our communities in the Healthcare industry often face much higher risks of threatening behaviour, violence and serious assault. This is a major concern now that more and more people are presenting at Emergency Departments with conditions exacerbated by mental illness or dependence on alcohol and illegal drugs.

By their nature, most hospitals and healthcare facilities must remain open, readily accessible public places, meaning that their staff, patients and visitors may be at risk of assault and criminal activity. Security officers face challenges in maintaining an open environment with high through traffic, yet at the same time protecting patients, staff and property while importantly ensuring continuity of patient care.

Add to these basic requirements the need to perform security and safety services in a highly regulated, quality-controlled environment where virtually every action is reportable, the task is even more daunting – to simultaneously manage risk, maintain regulatory compliance, improve performance and reduce costs.


SafeZone® Command and SafeZone OmniGuard give the Hospital security team a detailed situational view on their Smartphone, no matter where they are located. SafeZone’s common operating picture delivers the intelligence needed to respond quickly and effectively to any incident. Those using the healthcare facility – staff, patients and visitors, can use the SafeZone app to get help from the best-placed security officer in any type of emergency.

For larger-scale incidents or situations that threaten the whole Hospital environment, SafeZone’s fast and effective mass-notification system gets the message out to everyone in seconds. Notifications can prompt users to turn on the SafeZone Check-In feature so that the security team can use their locations to manage further notifications, mustering and evacuations as needed on a building-by-building basis.

For community healthcare outreach workers who often visit patients at home, in high crime areas or isolated rural properties the risks are even higher. The fact that healthcare workers need to carry drugs further amplifies their risk of serious assault. SafeZone’s Alert and Check-In features can provide a lifeline while working alone or after hours a long way from the main facilities, with a direct connection to the security team’s response officers from any location worldwide.

Fixed infrastructure such as hard-wired panic-buttons or pendants are expensive, not readily accessible or easily lost. Specialised Lone-Worker devices and their dedicated monitoring services are expensive and mean workers have to carry yet more equipment. Replacing these with the SafeZone app on worker’s Smartphones eliminates all of these issues.


  • Preserve your institution’s brand and reputation by enabling proactive security and safety response; deliver significantly improved service from your existing security resources.
  • Monitor security coverage and optimise security team performance through real-time heat-mapping and a full situational view of all team members, incident alerts and staff Check-Ins.
  • Activate your secure working environment policy and leverage staff skills, eliminate dedicated hardware and ongoing maintenance costs with the SafeZone app; that automatically notifies the right people when an incident occurs.
  • Leverage existing resources by enabling deep cross-functional collaboration between security and other functional teams. Level resource loads by using available free resources to take up overload in parallel functional areas.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with automated reporting that reports the facts of incidents as they occur, not just those recalled by security after the event.
  • Enable Continuous Service Improvement by utilising real incident data to train staff and evolve better strategies.
  • Put a panic button in every team member’s pocket, not fixed to a desk or misplaced by the last person to use it. Save capital costs by replacing fixed help points with the SafeZone app on everyone’s Smartphone. Eliminate the cost of expensive SMS messaging with SafeZone’s fast, secure push messaging.
  • See. Decide. Act. Do the impossible!


To learn how your healthcare organisation can create a fully proactive safe and secure environment, contact CriticalArc today.

Healthcare professionals are sixteen times more likely to be attacked on the job than any other type of service professional.
CriticalArc is here to help you counter this trend with real-time, actionable situational awareness.

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