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SafeZone enhances the quality of life for families living in open and gated communities and condo developments. Eliminating language and cultural barriers, SafeZone enables security teams to respond rapidly to incidents and locate individuals on any part of the property in an emergency.


Residential communities around the world provide homes for millions of people who have opted for the exclusive environment of a gated community, driven by the perception or fear of crime and for reasons of safety, prestige and privacy. Limiting access through passive protection such as perimeter fences, gated entrances, and electronic access and CCTV, some communities also locate security staff gatehouses.

While constructing physical barriers and limiting access to streets and public spaces can create a physical “comfort zone”, these measures do little to improve response when an incident happens. If a resident needs help, a call to the gatehouse is often fruitless when unmanned and out-of-hours.  Residents may also require medical assistance outside of their homes while using public spaces or on the move, where they are without access to panic alarms and landlines or where a situation may escalate by making a standard voice call from a mobile phone.


SafeZone enables residents of gated and un-gated communities to get help from the best-placed responder in any type of emergency – medical/first aid, security or personal safety.

With a single tap on their smartphone, a resident can sent an alert to the appropriate responder for First Aid, general security assistance such as an escort, or more serious incident such as assault or robbery. The SafeZone system delivers these alerts to all members of the appropriate response team within seconds, and is then used to coordinate the team’s response to ensure optimal efficiency.

For larger-scale incidents or situations that threaten the whole community, SafeZone’s fast and effective mass-notification system gets the message out to all residents in seconds and can prompt users to turn on the SafeZone Check-In feature so that the security team can manage further notifications, mustering and evacuations as needed on a building-by-building basis.

The safety and comfort of our residents and their families is of paramount importance. By harnessing SafeZone technology, we offer them complete peace of mind that immediate emergency help is at hand 24/7, both in the village and travelling further afield. SafeZone is user-friendly, robust and cost-effective with multiple benefits that are enhancing the quality of life for our residents.”
Terry Lavin
General Manager at Al-Bustan Village


  • For Community Managers, know where your staff are working and ensure their Health and Safety; manage their presence and safety effectively around the clock.
  • For Property Developers, deliver proven competitive advantages in residential safety and security; enhance the passive security measures of fences, gates and CCTV with a proactive SafeZone capability that can deliver measurably better incident outcomes.
  • For Residents, be confident that you can get quick, effective help from the community’s response team when you need it and where you need it, with assistance both inside and out of the home. Your alert will be delivered to all response team members wherever they are, in seconds. They will know who you are, your real-time location, and what help you need without making a phone call.
  • For the Security Team, drive operational effectiveness – Enable complete, real-time situational awareness for the whole response team, ensure that guard tours cover community areas effectively, leveraging the power of collaboration


Read our Case Study on SafeZone at Al-Bustan Village

Expatriate professionals living in one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious residential compounds enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle, but it’s 24/7 personal safety and well-being that offer the ultimate peace of mind.

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