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Supporting sophisticated operational protocols, SafeZone® allows security and safety teams to locate staff, send mass notifications, monitor Checked-In staff, muster & evacuate groups by location, and comply easily with health and safety regulatory reporting.


At a national level, countries want to build resilience into all sectors that contribute to the smooth running of society, including fundamental needs such as the food supply chain, water, energy and communications networks as well as financial institutions and healthcare systems. Governments want these critical infrastructure sectors to manage risk and build resilience into all operations so that they can minimise the damage from any incident and recover quickly from any disaster.

To meet these goals at a corporate level, in major water supply and energy generation plants, transportation hubs and communications companies, security and safety personnel face the challenge of optimising manpower across complex facilities, while managing risk and complying with increasing regulatory demands.

To ensure business continuity, whether in public or private sector organisations, it has never been more important to resolve any security situation or environmental threat – small or large – quickly, effectively and completely, and to do everything possible to eliminate the chance of its recurrence.


SafeZone is changing the way safety and security teams manage situations in real-time, proving a force multiplier—especially for organisations with large geographical footprints. A high-performance cloud service utilizing common off-the-shelf mobile devices, SafeZone delivers distributed command and control and real-time situational awareness to security coordinators and all responders in the field; truly transforming an organisation’s capacity to respond in any situation.

By isolating and dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently, SafeZone helps prevent unnecessary evacuations and ensures minimal impact on productivity and business continuity. Geo-targeted mass notifications can warn staff of impending danger and direct them to mustering points, while improved incident management enables security teams to mobilise quickly to protect and defend people and assets with minimal interruption to business operations.

With obvious benefits over fixed help points, the free SafeZone app makes it easy for staff to summon assistance via their phone, broadcasting their location, identity and need directly to incident response personnel.  When every second counts, SafeZone gives timely, accurate intelligence to the right responder at the right time, keeping them updated as the incident evolves.


As security and safety personnel take on more responsibility, SafeZone optimises day-to-day operations, while supporting the best incident outcomes—faster.  SafeZone helps to minimise corporate risk and build organisational resilience for critical infrastructure operations while delivering significant efficiency savings by:

  • Delivering better incident response outcomes
  • Ensuring team readiness and service improvement
  • Enabling targeted mass communication and mustering
  • Managing lone or after-hours worker presence and safety
  • Creating a framework to enable businesses to manage risk effectively and therefore provides opportunity to open facilities in my emerging less established environments / countries
  • Knowing what resource (non-security) are available at any time to help co-ordinate First Aid, fire wardens and security co-ordinators globally.
  • Facilitating collaboration between responders and volunteers across the office and around the world
  • Demonstrating duty of care for personnel and customer safety.


Safeguarding mobile personnel, including field engineers, industry operatives and lone workers in regions like the Middle East can be extremely demanding. In addition to heightened political and cultural tensions, the remote location of many mining, oil and gas complexes, construction sites, desalination plants and utility infrastructure can present employers and security teams with a wide range of challenges.

When teams need extra security to work in high-risk industrial locations, SafeZone offers all the assurance of high-tech personalised protection without adding to overheads.

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