SafeZone provides security and safety teams a unique view by providing real-time situational awareness, sharing location and operational intelligence between team members’ Smartphones and the control room.

When an incident occurs, a SafeZone app user can send a real-time geo-located alert to the whole response team. If working after hours, users can choose to Check-In for maximum protection from the security team. Using a common operating picture framed on a live real-time map, SafeZone defines areas of responsibility, extending beyond property boundaries to cover areas such as transport interchange points, public parks and walkways.

Alert icon Alert
  • SafeZone alerts for emergency, help and first aid assistance
  • Establishes Alert/Response comms channel
  • Delivered to all responders in seconds
  • Officer intel includes live tracked Location, ID and special needs
  • Drag/Drop Manual Alerts for calls from non-SafeZone App users
  • Notification Alert when a user dials emergency services
  • Control Room can triage and pass on details to Police/Fire/Ambulance
  • PRIVACY: Users are only tracked when they raise an ALERT or CHECK-IN
Security Officer icon Security Officer
  • Receives timely and accurate alert information
  • All actions are tracked throughout incident
  • Real time collaboration between responders
  • Fast pinpointing of staff locations, check-ins and alerts
  • Direct contact with alerting user by voice and IM
  • Direct alert acknowledgement from the field
Mass Notification icon Mass Notification
  • Geo-targeted and mass notification
  • High performance up to 1,000 per second
  • Simultaneous Push, SMS and E-Mail broadcast
  • Managed and self-opted User Groups
  • Discreet and loud tone alerts
  • SafeZone app can be off, phone can be off, messages will still be delivered
  • Message can redirect to web page or start app
  • Send to everyone, even those without SafeZone app (SMS and Email only)
Check-Ins icon Check-Ins
  • Staff check-in and lone worker protection
  • Location-based auto check-in and check-out
  • Live mustering and evacuation support
  • Identify those with PEEPs during evacuations
  • Man down option for high-risk situations
  • Optional automatic Check-In on region entry
  • Check-Ins triggered from Push notifications
  • Check-In Timer with auto-Alert on expiry
  • PC Desktop App with Check-In
SafeZone Command icon SafeZone Command
  • Incident response and situational awareness
  • Day-to-day operations management
  • Heat maps help to optimise patrol coverage
  • Incident replay for training and service improvement
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Integration with third party alarms
Regions icon Regions
  • Defining the jurisdiction of the response team, regions can be, temporary or permanent, any size, any shape and located anywhere on earth
  • Region changes activate immediately to all users
  • Responders and protocols tailored to each region
  • Deliver region-based information to Team and end-users, tailored to locality needs, eg WHS regulations about a building you are just entering
Shuttle Bus Tracking icon Shuttle Bus Tracking
  • Live tracking of Shuttle Buses
  • Display on large wall screens in foyers or interchange
  • Display buses live on a map inside the SafeZone app
SafeZone Benefits

Reduces Costs & Increases Efficiency

perf-vs-costSafety and security departments are increasingly required to take on additional responsibility to improve the protection of staff and assets and add value to the organisation, while simultaneously minimising cost.

SafeZone enables efficient day-to-day coordination of safety and security staff across large and dispersed facilities, and drives continuous service improvement by helping to optimise everything from day-to-day campus patrol coverage through to faster incident response and post-incident analysis and reporting.

Eliminate Capital Costs

no-fixed-help-pointsSafeZone offers a rapid return on investment by scaling operations inside and outside property boundaries, without any capital cost or the complications of land ownership and development approvals. Organisations never need to spend money on a Help Point again.

Enhances Security & Business Continuity

business-continuity-planBy isolating and dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently, SafeZone helps prevent unnecessary evacuations and ensures minimal  impact on productivity and business continuity.

Geo-targeted mass notifications can warn staff of impending danger and direct them to take appropriate action, while improved incident management enables security teams and volunteer coordinators to mobilise quickly to protect and defend people and assets.



Improves Incident Response

UOW-SZ-Response-croppedWhen every second counts, it is absolutely essential to get the correct information to the right responder at the right time, and to keep them updated as the incident evolves.

SafeZone eliminates voice call difficulties by obtaining accurate incident details in seconds; allowing a fast, effective team response that ensures the best possible outcome.

Optimises Resources & Assets

heatmap-curtin-140823Providing instant coverage across multiple sites, with site- specific response hierarchies and localised protocols, SafeZone can extend team capabilities to protect your people in public spaces, for short-term events and/or remote locations.

SafeZone can extend the value of existing infrastructure; mobilising its intelligence by integrating its alerts into the SafeZone Team system.

Increases Staff Safety

checkinSafeZone helps organisations to comply with health and safety regulations, while engendering a culture of security and safety among staff. With obvious benefits over fixed help points, staff can quickly summon assistance, while security teams can manage the presence of lone workers and their safety during an emergency.

Enables Collaboration

menuResponse teams feel better supported while working alone with the ability to locate and communicate with colleagues in a collaborative field-based environment.

Empowering safety and security teams with the ability to communicate and share information with colleagues, volunteer teams and other agencies as events unfold, SafeZone’s cloud based architecture heralds a new era of collaborative incident response. See. Decide. Act.

Ultra-Fast and Reliable

neuronDeployed in hours, SafeZone uses cloud-based technology to deliver a highly scalable distributed command and control environment that can connect thousands of users with hundreds of responders in real time.

SafeZone’s decentralised architecture uses multi-layered communications channels including Wi-Fi, mobile data and SMS, guaranteeing maximum connectivity, outreach and performance. By leveraging the same secure IT and internet infrastructure used by financial institutions, SafeZone can be relied upon to support mission-critical safety and security operations across cities, states or worldwide.


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