CQUniversity to adopt innovative emergency notification system for national campus footprint
3 March 2015

CQUniversity Australia has today announced it will be adopt an innovative Emergency Notification Alert system, across its national footprint that includes more than 20 campuses and delivery sites.

The system, SafeZone, delivered by global technology innovator CriticalArc includes a free mobile app that can be downloaded by university staff, students and stakeholders.

The Application can be used on smartphones and mobile devices to facilitate communication and connectivity in relation to personal safety and emergency situations.

CQUniversity’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Scott Bowman explains that for a multi-campus institution like CQUniversity, timely and effective communication is imperative, especially during an emergency.

“CQUniversity is serious about the health, safety and welfare of our more than 30,000 students and 2,000 staff and because if this we identified a strong need to find a solution that would allow us to connect with them quickly and easily during an emergency, such a severe weather event or critical incident.

“Likewise, we also wanted that same solution to provide staff and students with the ability to alert our security and safety teams of an unfolding emergency or to call for help or first aid if they felt their safety was compromised.

“The fact that just over a week ago central Queensland was hit by a massive cyclone makes the implementation of this solution very timely indeed.

“Before Marcia hit we made the decision to close campuses from Mackay down to Noosa and after the Cyclone hit Rockhampton we were forced to keep our campuses in the region closed all of last week.

“I think we did a great job communicating to staff and students what was happening but our efforts would have definitely been enhanced by the SafeZone solution.

“Hopefully we won’t need to use it anytime soon but if we do the solution will facilitate the distribution of fast and efficient mass notifications and instructions to defined groups and also allows users to swiftly call for help by simply opening the App and tapping one of three buttons – ‘Help’, ‘First Aid’ or ‘Emergency’.

“This functionality really stood out and sets a benchmark for world’s best practice emergency notification communication.

“The implementation of the SafeZone App means that CQUniversity can now notify staff and students of emergency situations at or near their local campus or delivery site within a matter of seconds.

“Along with this the App will also send users important instructions on what to do should they find themselves in an emergency situation.

“It’s very likely that most users will never have to use the App but the fact we have it provides peace of mind and greatly reduces any potential security or safety risks to our people,” said Bowman.

Glenn Farrant, CEO CriticalArc explains that SafeZone delivers significant efficiencies in everyday organisational performance across security, building wardens and first-aiders, with better incident response, better incident outcomes and more effective large-scale emergency management and recovery.

“By providing an unobtrusive security application instead of traditional physical security equipment, we’re empowering the University to mitigate risk and improve brand reputation through enhanced duty of care, while gaining significant efficiencies through better management of manpower during incidents,” said Farrant.

The solution is now available for free download to all CQUniversity staff and students across Australia and can be used on any smartphone or tablet.

Key points:

  • CQUniversity is implementing a world’s best practice Emergency Notification System that will facilitate timely and effective communication with staff and students across the University’s national footprint.
  • The system is a mobile App called SafeZone which is free to download for staff and students.
  • The App allows the University to send instantaneous and automated alerts and instructions to staff and students during emergency situations and also allows staff and students to request assistance and first aid.
  • The App will help facilitate better communication and connectivity between the University and staff and students during an emergency and will also help to reduce safety risks.
  • The solution is now available for free download by all CQUniversity staff and students across Australia and can be used on any Apple, Android or Windows Phone smartphone or tablet.


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