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Security directors in hospitals manage some of the most complex, security environments with thousands of patients, staff and visitors, round-the-clock mission-critical activity and large multi-story buildings. And despite the expansion of these hospital campuses, security teams are frequently limited by frozen budgets and staffing levels. That’s why safety and security leaders are turning to technology like SafeZone® to act as a force multiplier and manage increasing responsibilities.

Healthcare Security Challenges

Custom Healthcare Security Solutions

Indoor Positioning

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While GPS helps first responders locate an address, it’s historically been difficult to pinpoint floor or room. With indoor positioning, employee’s precise location is now identifiable.

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Inform Preparedness

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In this resource, we show how the latest technologies can inform preparedness, transforming response to major incidents and enabling mass communication. This facilitates better outcomes and ensures business continuity for a range of industries.

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Multi-location Support

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The University of South Australia uses SafeZone to support its 32,000 students and staff in six campuses dispersed across 800km, and provide round-the-clock security.

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Did You Know?

16X more likely

healthcare iconTo be attacked on the job than any other type of service professional, according to Nursing Management.

80% of nurses

Do not feel safe in their workplace, according to a 2018 study.

As the leader in Enterprise Navigation Services, Connexient is always discussing new use cases for indoor navigation with our clients. One of the most frequent and compelling topics that comes up is Safety and Security. Our clients tell us that they are literally ‘flying blind’ when they try to respond to issues inside large, complex buildings. We realized that if we could combine indoor mapping and navigation with a robust safety and security solution, the positive impact would be enormous. Our partnership with CriticalArc is focused on exactly that.
Mark Green Co-Founder and CEO, Connexient
SafeZone provides peace of mind to our caseworkers. If I’m going on a home visit somewhere and I don’t know the person or the environment, I use the Check-in Timer function.’
John Bauer - Case Manager, Hutt Street Centre

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