Health care workers have been attacked in parking garages for decades. Why haven’t hospitals done more to make them safe?

On a frigid night in January 2019, Carlie Beaudin finished up with her cancer patients at Froedtert Hospital shortly before 1 a.m. The 33-year-old nurse practitioner pulled on her winter coat, wrapped her red scarf around her neck and headed to her car.

She rode the elevator down to Level Two in the underground parking garage. As she made her way to her Toyota Rav4, a man stepped out from behind a concrete pillar. Beaudin stopped briefly as he said something to her; then she kept walking.

When she got to her car, the man — a stranger who had once been a valet at the hospital — ran up and tackled her. He kicked her and stomped on her head and body more than 40 times. Then he pulled her into her car and drove to the snowy rooftop of a parking garage next door, where he dumped her out and drove over her. Somewhere along the way, he also choked her.

The attack carried on for six minutes, captured by surveillance cameras. In fact, cameras had recorded the man before the attack, lurking around the hospital and hiding behind pillars for two and a half hours.

But Froedtert’s security team had failed to act.

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