CriticalArc’s Safezone helps Teesside University transform their security operations

Improving security is a constant challenge for universities, but it is one that Claire Humble and her team at Teesside University have embraced since 2017. With the use of approachable, well-trained staff and CriticalArc’s Safezone technology, Teesside has been able to make a dramatic impact in recent years.

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Since 2017 Claire and her team have been working hard to upgrade their capabilities and modernize the service they deliver. Despite the relatively high crime rates affecting their region (in 2018 the 20,000 incidents logged by the police were above national average) in the last three years, they’ve achieved an impressive 19% reduction in crime on their two sites, including a 35% reduction in thefts.

From the start, Claire had a clear sense of what she wanted to achieve. It never works, she says, just to react to events or respond when problems come your way – “that’s called ‘firefighting, it usually goes wrong and it’s not much fun”. Much better to develop a proactive and preventative strategy that tackles problems head-on, which is exactly what Claire did.

Central to her vision has been the introduction of the SafeZone service, from CriticalArc. Safezone works by letting students and staff request help directly from security control, via their phones.

“Since the system was adopted our incident response times have averaged 50% faster,” says Claire. “We are now confident that we can assess situations more accurately and respond more quickly in any emergency.”

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