Introduction Into Awards

CritialArc is honored to receive widespread recognition across the industry from a variety of industry publications and organizations. In addition, we believe there's no stronger endorsement of a service than a testimonial from an existing customer. If you're considering SafeZone® and would like to speak with a customer about their experience, we'd love to connect you.


Finalist - The Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2020

Finalist, “Customer Care Initiative of the Year”

Finalist for THE Asia Awards - 2020

Finalist for THE Asia Awards for ‘Technological Innovation of the Year’

IFSEC - 2019


Winner, ‘In-house Security Team of the Year’

CriticalArc & Heriot-Watt University’s Safeguarding team

Winner, Secure Campus 2019 Award

Winner, Secure Campus 2019 Award

Security & Personal Safety Smartphone Applications

Winner, OSPA UK 2019

Winner, Outstanding Security Team with Heriot-Watt University, for the Outstanding Security Performance Awards

OSPA Award - 2018

Runner-Up in the Outstanding Security Partnership Award – Australian Outstanding Security Performance Award (for Partnership with RAA)

Campus Safety BEST Awards - 2018

Finalist for Incident Management & Response; Communications Products

PSI Premier Awards - 2018

Finalist in Software & Signalling category

BMI Award - 2018

Finalist in Site Protection Software category – Benchmark Magazine Innovation