31 July 2012

CriticalArc Pty Ltd and The University of Wollongong (UOW) announced today the launch of a full-scale pilot of CriticalArc’s SafeZone campus safety and security solution. Maintaining a safe and secure environment, 24-hours per day, on large open campuses with small security teams is a challenge for all Australian universities. UOW hopes that SafeZone will enable faster and more effective incident response by its security team, and a greater sense of wellbeing for all students and staff while on campus.

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29 July 2012

Whether it’s walking to the car at night or staying back at the office, we’ve all felt nervous about our safety before. UOW aims to improve safety on campus when it begins the Pilot Program of SafeZone, a new operation which transforms smartphones into personal sensors which give security officers a complete view of the situation.

CriticalArc have already conducted some trials with UOW Security with SafeZone. Now SafeZone will be piloted on UOW’s Wollongong campus, where it will be monitored and responded to by UOW Security. The free app will be available to all UOW staff and students who have a smartphone during spring session from July 30 to December 31.

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