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CriticalArc provides a service that manages safety in critical situations more effectively and economically than is possible by using traditional methods. ...more about us


July 02: SafeZone for Global Enterprise
June 16: SafeZone on Windows Phone
June 05: SafeZone launches in EMEA
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Curtin University
University of Wollongong
Deakin University
University of South Australia
Queensland University of Technology
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SafeZone - Global Safety and Security

SAFEZONE is revolutionising the way safety and security is managed by Universities and Global Corporations. It's a powerful, easy to use command and control system that extends the Security Team's view of any situation and allows everyone to communicate and coordinate in response to any incident - GLOBALLY!

For Security Teams:

Managing and maintaining safety and security across a large campus environment is a time-critical task - SafeZone gives you the real-time awareness and control that you need to handle any situation. Adding more sub-campuses and facilities with their own response teams and protocols multiples the task complexity, but SafeZone helps you to manage situational awareness across all jurisdictions with ease.
At any time, you can see where all team members are, know the identity and locaton of anyone who's raised an alert or is currently working alone and optimise your team's response to the situation as it unfolds. ...Read more
Now for the first time, it's possible to manage in real-time the presence of Lone Workers on campus outside hours, when resources are at their lowest. SafeZone's features for Lone Worker Safety spell the end of manually trawling through sign-in books and building access logs to find out "who was here over the weekend".

For Students, Staff and Visitors:

The free SafeZone App lets you summon help from the campus security team whenever you need it. Team members will instantly know who you are, where you are and what you need. Find out more at SafeZoneApp.com